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The RICETERIA franchise concept


The RICETERIA mission

Our mission with the RICETERIA-concept is to have every guest “leave in a better mood.

RICETERIA by RICE” is a colorful modern “café/store” retail concept owned by the colorful Danish homewares company RICE. The RICETERIA concept combines the colorful RICE products with delicious food and coffee served with love in a lounge-style laid back setting. In a RICETERIA guests can enjoy a happy relaxed café-style breakfast or lunch as well as delicious coffee and cakes. Here they can also shop colorful “Everyday Magic” items for their home, gifts or parties.

Become a franchise partner

Our colorful environment and “RICER”-trained staff will make this possible - whether it is our own RICETERIA or a partner store. The RICETERIA is a franchise concept. This means it is possible for you to partner with us. You can either open your own RICETERIA or add a RICETERIA to your existing retail or café business.

Adding a RICETERIA to your existing retail business or creating a whole new business could be a good decision if:

you want to upgrade your business into the new experience economyyou are seeing slower sales in your traditional business and you want to increase traffic to your store as well as increase the time customers spend in your storeyou have always dreamed of opening a café store, and you love the RICE brand and products.

If you would like more details on our Franchise system please contact us at

The RICETERIA franchise system

We have developed a Franchise system that will make it easy and affordable to get started. Our system is designed to provide training and support from the beginning in order to give you the best possible chance of success with your retail business.

The investment is no more than if you were to open your own cafe/store. We just make it easier for you and give you a professional high-quality brand to wrap your business in, as well as a support system, knowledge share and a sisterhood with other RICETERIAs that can lift you as a group.  Our brand provides a professional framework for you to be creative in, but at the same time gives you the opportunity to focus on the day to day business. 

In our RICETERIA model there is no upstart fee or monthly fee, but we have some commitment parameters that you have to live up to. These include product buy level and some marketing packages, which are good to buy into, if you want to grow your business faster.

We provide:

  • A free 3D drawing service of store layout
  • A deco pack that you buy
  • includes everything you need to have to serve your food according to RICETERIA standard.
  • Deco items
  • furniture (some you will source yourself under our approval)
  • A professional graphics kit to brand your store for free (you pay for the printing and application)
  • A Professional marketing launch kit 
  • Recipes and supplier list
  • Playlists for in store music
  • Event-set ups you can choose from to run in your store
  • Your own RICETERIA Instagram account and Facebook account (if you choose to do events)
  • Listing in google business and trip advisor
  • Operations guidelines 
  • Full training in the RICE & RICETERIA brand
  • Preparing & styling food and drinks
  • Product buying
  • Visual merchandising
  • Operations
  • Social media marketing
  • Franchise system of ongoing training and support, which includes a local account manager and two partner MEETS a year, where we share best practice amongst franchise partners. One MEET takes place a chosen RICETERIA, the other MEET takes place at RICE headquarters in Odense, Denmark

We look for colorful partners who LOVE RICE and who want to run their own business together with a brand with a support framework and all the benefits from that.

A partner is to provide:

  • A location approved by RICE and that already has or can get a license to make and sell food and drinks (alcohol is optional)
  • Access to the investment it takes to equip, renovate and decorate the location (the amount will depend on the location and how much renovation it required)
  • A commitment to live up to high standards of hygiene and customer service and training
  • A commitment to the RICETERIA brand and a promise to take good care of the brand within the brand framework. 

Steps to Open a RICETERIA business

Adding a RICETERIA to your store or opening your own café store RICETERIA is easy and fast to implement. The time frame of opening is all subject to your market regulations. If very little conversion is required, we can have you open or converted is 4 weeks. Of course, if the location requires lots of building work, and if it will have to change status from store to café, then the process will be longer. The longest we have had so far is 6 months.

Our process is quick and there are 7 main steps.

The minimum requirement is 27 square meters in an existing store and 73 square meters for a standalone café/store. It is highly important that it is possible to get an approval from your local council that you can serve food and drinks, before you spend too much time on a location. Depending on your regulations, you may also need a customer toilet or handicap toilet.

Once you have your location agreed/approved, you have 7 steps to open:

  1. Location sign-off and 3D design
  2. Graphics and Deco pack, Equipment and Finances
  3. Franchise Contract
  4. Menu and Supplier set up
  5. Training in Denmark
  6. Set Up and Marketing Campaign
  7. Opening